How to Turn Off Water Under Kitchen Sink?

How to Turn Off Water Under Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is the heart of every home and is probably the most important place in the entire house. It’s where we prepare and eat our meals, do our baking, host family gatherings and entertain friends. The kitchen sink is a central fixture as well; it’s where you wash your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, fill up water glasses and clean vegetables for dinner. However, one thing that can make the kitchen feel less than welcome is if water constantly flows from under the sink when no one has been near it! This can be frustrating and lead to other problems with your plumbing system so today I’m going to show you how to turn off water under kitchen sink.

Do you wish to get some DIY plumbing work done? Or perhaps you simply want to renovate your kitchen sink to make it look more trendy? No matter the reason, before getting any repair or replacement work done on your kitchen sinks or faucets, you will turn off the water supply. 

How to Turn Off Water Under Kitchen Sink?

To turn off the water under the kitchen sink, you will need to first locate or search the water shutoff valve which may be attached to your main water valve.

The most common location is under your kitchen sink, but it could also be elsewhere in the home or even outdoors at a garden hose connection if you have one installed outside for watering plants and flowers. The thing that makes this tricky is that there are usually no markings on these valves so you’ll just have to do some exploring around until you find something round with a knob on top of it!

A good place to start looking is underneath where your pipes come from – they should look like cylinders sticking out all over the floor beneath your sink. These would likely lead up into an area under the cabinet near the back wall, or behind other plumbing supplies like garbage disposals in front.

Steps to turn off the water under kitchen sink

Follow these easy to follow steps to figure out a leak and how to turn off the water under your kitchen sink. 

  • Turn the taps off. You may need to turn off the valve first to stop valve to stop the flow of water first.
  • Open the cabinet present underneath the sink.
  • Empty the cabinet of all items to provide you with abundant space to spot the pipes and valves mentioned below. Use a flashlight for further assistance. 
  • Spot the large PVC pipe. It is the sink drainpipe that runs in the horizontal direction to the back wall.
  • Next to this pipe, you will see two metal pipes (or two flexible lines) that run from the faucet’s tailpiece into the wall or the floor. These pipes are the hot and cold water lines. The cold water line is usually on the right side while the hot one is on the left side.
  • Trace these hot and cold water lines. Right before they enter the wall, you will see a lever or a knob on each pipeline. 
  • In case of a knob, turn it clockwise. This should shut off the water supply.
  • In the case of a lever, the water supply line is open if the lever is parallel to the pipeline. Turn it to a right angle (should be perpendicular) to the pipeline to shut it off.
  • Turn the knobs/levers on both water lines. Then, open the taps to allow any remaining water to drain out. 

What should you do if you cannot spot the valves?

Sometimes, the pipes underneath the sink do not have visible knobs or levers on them. In this scenario, follow the steps given below. 

  • If the pipes don’t have any visible valves on them, check-in your basement. In your basement, look for the area where the kitchen pipes enter and spot the shutoff valves there. 
  • Alternatively, you can also access the water heater area if you can’t spot the shut-off valves. You will see two pipes by the water heater. One of them will be hot (leading out of the water heater); this pipe will provide warm water to the entire household. The other pipe that bypasses the heater will be cold. Locate the shutoff valves on these pipes and turn them clockwise if they are knobs and turn them perpendicular if they are levers. 
  • If the kitchen shut off valve does not turn the water off completely, you can always shut off the main valve that supplies water to the whole house. The valve is located on the main water line that supplies water to all the taps and lines in the house (the line is found next to the meter). 
  • In cities with extremely cold, temperatures, the main water line and the meter are located in a utility space, garage or basement. 
  • In cities that mostly experience warmer temperatures, the main shutoff valve and meter are located outside. 
  • Once you shut off the main valve, open the highest and lowest faucet in your house to drain out any remaining water in the line. 
How to Turn Off Water Under Kitchen Sink

PEX Manifold Systems

Recently, PEX Manifold systems have become very common. These systems control the route of water to different household fixtures using individual levers. These levers will be present on the water supply line between the source and the water heater. Turn off all the levers to ensure that the one supplying the kitchen sink is shut off. 

Now that the water supply is off, you can proceed with repairing or replacing any part of your kitchen sink easily and safely. 

Once you are done with the repair work, simply turn the lever parallel to the pipeline or turn the valves counterclockwise to open the valve to turn the water supply back on.

If you are unable to handle it on your own, you may hire the services of a professional company to do it for you.

Where is the water shut-off valve?

The water shut off valve is usually located under the sink, but it could be elsewhere in the house or outside at a garden hose connection. You will need to explore until you find something round with a knob on top of it!

Here are some additional things to check for in case the shutoff valve is not located under the sink:

  • If your kitchen is more than one level, you may find a water shut off on an upper floor. This will be labelled with something like “Water Shut Off” or “Main Water Valve” and should have no knob or handle because it does not need to be turned!
  • Check behind other plumbing supplies such as garbage disposals; they can also hide these valves. You won’t see them from just looking around though – you’ll likely need to open up cabinets and drawers that might cover them.

This short guide has been written to help you understand how to turn off the water under the kitchen sink so that you can do it on your own. These tips are meant to offer you a short but precise guide on how to do it easily and without any extra expense.

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