How To Remove Garbage Disposal Splash Guard?

How To Remove Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

Garbage disposal splash guards are a great way to prevent unwanted smells from seeping through your sink and into your kitchen air. However, these splash guards can often get clogged or otherwise damaged, making it difficult to keep the sink clean and smelling fresh.

In this post we’ll go through a few ways on how to remove garbage disposal splash guard so you can enjoy the benefits again!

How To Remove Garbage Disposal Splash Guard?

Following are the tips and steps on removing the garbage disposal splash guard:

Step 1: Remove the Disposal Unit

First, disconnect your garbage disposal unit from the plumbing system. This can be done by turning off the power supply to the disposal and then unscrewing the mounting ring that fixes it down.

Step 2: Remove the Splash Guard

Now remove and clean out any gunk or debris that has accumulated in the sink or around where your garbage disposal is located. Use a pipe wrench to grip around your splash guard and pull it out slightly. Then wiggle and shake it back and forth until you have enough room to reach in and pull it out completely.

Step 3: Clean the Hole

Take all of the removed splash guard pieces, as well as any other gunk that you removed from the drain, and place them in a garbage can for disposal. Now clean out the remaining hole and use a pipe brush to do so. Once cleaned and free of debris, spray a small amount of silicone lubricant around it and wipe it off to ensure smooth operation in future.

Step 4: Install the Splash Guard

Now that your hole is clean it’s time to install your new splash guard. Use pliers or another tool to push in the ends of your spring into its slots within the garbage disposal unit slot.

This is often easier if you’ve got someone else to help you and provide some pressure, or use a rubber mallet to do so. This ensures that your splash guard will not fall out at a later date. Replace any parts of the splash guard that have worn over time and you’ll be good to go!

Are garbage disposal splash guards removable?

The garbage disposal splash guards are indeed removable but for many, it’s simply not a feasible option. If you’re someone who regularly runs some grease or other gunk down the drain and have a proper disposal unit, then the splash guard is certainly something that could be removed and cleaned.

However, if the only time you run any gunk down the drain is perhaps rarely or occasionally, then it’s likely you will have to put up with it until it clogs up. Unless you have a proper disposal unit, or are going to pay a plumber to take care of these issues for you then keeping your sink clean and smelling fresh may prove difficult.

How do you remove a mounting ring from a garbage disposal?
The mounting ring may have become loose or have simply fallen off all on its own. Sometimes the mounting ring can even be damaged and need to be replaced.

If this is the case, follow these steps to remove the broken mounting ring:

Step 1: Remove the Splash Guard and Cone Assembly

Turn off your garbage disposal unit to prevent it from turning on while you are working on it. Remove any debris from around the sink drain by flushing a toilet, scraping off any food that has accumulated over time, or using a pipe wrench or pliers to knock the object out of the way,[1] if applicable.

Remove the splash guard and cone assembly from around your garbage disposal unit. You may need to use a pipe wrench to loosen the mounting ring if it has become extremely tight. Remove any screws that are holding the assembly in place so you can remove it completely.[2]

Step 2: Remove the Mounting Ring

Now that the splash guard and cone assembly is out of your way, you can more easily access the mounting ring. If it turns freely, continue on and attempt to remove it by hand. If not, then you will need to use a pipe wrench or pliers to unscrew it yourself.

Once removed, the mounting ring will turn freely and can be pulled out.

How To Remove Garbage Disposal Splash Guard

Step 3: Replace or Repair the Mounting Ring

When you are reattaching the mounting ring, follow this same process in reverse. Start by screwing or tightening it back onto the garbage disposal unit. If you need to replace it, you can use a pipe wrench or pliers to remove it completely and screw in a new mounting ring. When replacing it, align the tabs on each side with the grooves on your garbage disposal unit.

How do you clean garbage disposal guards?

Garbage disposal splash guards as well as the cone and splash guard assembly can be cleaned with a brush that you normally use for cleaning dishes. Use the brush in a circular motion around any holes or crevices and it should come out clean. If not, spray a small amount of vinegar or bleach water into the unit and scrub with your dish brush again.

This will help get rid of any unwanted debris that may have accumulated over time inside your disposal unit.

How do you tighten garbage disposal mounting ring?

Positions to check: Some garbage disposer mounts have developed an issue where they become loose. Follow these steps to see if your mount is loose or if it needs to be tightened.

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

To prevent any accidental electrical shock, turn the power switch off before you continue working. This will also protect your disposal unit. Make sure the unit is not plugged in before turning it off. You will know if it is plugged in because it will be making noise as normal, as this is a sign that the circuit breaker has been tripped and turned on.

Step 2: Inspect for Looseness and Tighten Mounting Ring

If you have a metal plate and rubber mounting ring installed on top of your garbage disposal, then you will want to inspect these first. If your mount is loose, then you will want to tighten it. This can be done by using a wrench or pliers to turn the mounting ring counter clockwise and screwing it back into place. You may need to hold the plate down while tightening the mount to keep garbage from falling out.

If you have a rubber mounting ring, then you will want to inspect your garbage disposal mount for looseness. This can be accomplished by placing not less than three fingers on either side of the mounting ring and pressing firmly upward. If your mounting ring appears looser than what you would like, then tighten by repeated pressing upwards with a straight object, such as a screwdriver or metal bar.

Step 3: Replace Mounting Ring and Turn Power Back On

If you have a metal plate with a rubber mounting ring, then you will want to replace the mount by reversing steps 1 & 2. If your garbage disposal mount is made of plastic and uses screws to hold it down, then you will want to replace your mounting ring by screwing it back into place. You can do so by turning it clockwise until it is flush with the underside of your sink. Then put the rubber seal back in place and turn the power back on. This can be accomplished by flipping the circuit breaker switch or replacing a fuse if applicable.

That’s all there is to it! Now when you run your garbage disposal unit your kitchen will smell like fresh air instead of garbage.

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