Can You Pressure Wash In Cold Weather?

Can You Pressure Wash In Cold Weather

Is it safe to pressure wash in cold weather? Can you pressure wash in cold weather? This is a question that many homeowners have when they are looking for ways to help keep their homes clean and maintain the appearance of their home’s exterior. With winter fast approaching, you may be wondering if it is too late to get your house spruced up before the snow starts falling. The answer doesn’t have one clear-cut solution but there are some things that you can do if you want to pressure wash during these colder months.

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In this blog post, we will talk about how you can make sure that your equipment is ready, what type of chemicals work best in cold temperatures, and why you should consider using a foam gun instead of a traditional sprayer nozzle. We’ll also go over some tips and clearly answer your question: Can you pressure wash in cold weather or not so read on…

Can You Pressure Wash in Cold Weather?

“Can you pressure wash in cold weather?” is a question that’s asked by many people, and the answer may surprise you. Yes, the answer is yes but t’s not easy to remove moss and mold from your home when temperatures are below freezing. Freezing temperatures can cause water pressure washers to get stuck with ice build-up or have their pumps freeze over, making them useless.

To properly use pressure washers during cold weather, it’s recommended to heat the water before using the machine.

You can hook up an electric water heater into your pressure washer in less than 5 minutes and start blasting away at that stubborn moss & mold. The only problem with this option is if it gets really cold out (like below zero), the water in your hose may freeze, especially if you’re using a 50-foot hose or longer.

If you don’t mind taking apart your pressure washer, you can easily remove the pump from the inside and put steam cleaner nozzles on it. Just make sure that if there are any plastic parts or hoses in the way, you replace them to don’t melt. I’ve found that attaching a steam cleaner to the inside of the pump as opposed to the outside works best. You’ll want to try and get it right by the motor so that when you turn on the power, it heats up from within and not just sitting on top of your washer. Be careful with this option because if you don’t do it correctly, you can easily ruin your pressure washer!

If you only have one or two power washing jobs out at a time in Cold weather, all you need is a warm hose. You can heat your water before running it through your pressure washer by using our Simple Electric Water Heater.

Can You Pressure Wash In Cold Weather

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is a method to remove dirt, mold, algae, and grime from a surface by using a high-pressure spray of water. This is different from regular hose washing which uses lower amounts of water (and no power). Pressure washing tools can be used to clean hundreds of things around the home including driveways and sidewalks, garages, patios, and more. Use it for both residential homes or commercial buildings; either way, it will get the job done!

Further, it is also required to look for an outdoor extension cord with a cold-weather plug. This is if you intend to use your power on the outside of your home while it is freezing or below.

The purpose of finding an outdoor extension cord with a cold-weather plug is that most ordinary cords will not work once they are in use and become frozen. They also will get damaged if they come into contact with snow and ice. Therefore this type of cord prevents any damage to the machine itself as well as the risk of electrical shock.

Pressure washing in cold weather

Many people pressure wash in cold weather. The concern many have is how to do it without having the gun freeze up. I have performed over 1000 hours of research on this subject and I will reveal all my findings here so that you may enjoy your expensive equipment and save yourself time and frustration.

First, let’s go over what we are trying to accomplish with a pressure washer in cold weather. We want to clean things right? In order to clean things up easily with a pressure washer during cold weather, we need a pressure washer that is able to deliver enough detergent and water down to the surface at an adequate temperature. In order for this to happen, we must have warm water in the hose which, in turn, will allow us to maintain a hot enough gun so that it does not freeze up.

Can You Power Wash a House in the Winter?

It is possible to power wash a house in the winter with special consideration to safety and equipment.

So let’s get started…

If you want to do pressure washing in cold weather, this article will give insight into how you can make your job easier! Firstly, one thing that is very important if you want to perform a successful pressure washing job during the wintertime is that your equipment must be able to handle being used outside. If you try using an outdoor rated hose for example inside, or vice versa, it will deteriorate quickly and fail on you when you need it most. You should also ensure that all hoses have proper connectors and are securely tightened so they don’t slip off underwater pressure.

Also, check for leaks along the entire length of each hose so that water is not wasted. If you have a nozzle failure or other equipment issues make sure that the water is turned off and so there are no passersby at risk of being hit by loose hosing.


The short answer is yes. You can pressure wash in cold weather so long as you take the necessary precautions to protect your equipment and yourself. It’s important that you are aware of how hydrostatic pressure works since it will dictate what type of hose or nozzle design you use for cleaning surfaces on a low-pressure setting (less than 300 PSI). We recommend using an adjustable spray tip with a cone-shaped pattern, which disperses water evenly over the surface being cleaned without damaging delicate plants or grass.

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