Best Rated Garbage Disposal For Home Use- Top 5 To Buy

Best Rated Garbage Disposal For Home Use

As a kitchen lover and homeowner, you know and understand the importance of kitchen and home appliances as these tools make your work easy and increase your overall efficiency. The appliances like stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc., demand your severe attention and proper maintenance. But some hidden appliances in your kitchen crave for the same care. One such appliance is the garbage disposal unit and the purpose of this post is to help you find the best rated garbage disposal for home use.

ProductsRPM/Horse PowerMaterialWarrantyPrice
Waste King 2000-1 Commercial Waste Disposer1 HP, 1725Stainless Steel5 yearsCheck Price
General Electric GFC320N Garbage Disposal1/3, 2300Galvanized Steel1 year Check Price
HISSUN Garbage Disposal Food Waste Disposer¾, 3800Stainless Steel10 yearsCheck Price
Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal¾, 2700Stainless Steel8 yearsCheck Price
InSinkErator PRO1100XL Pro S Garbage Disposal1.1 HPStainless Steel12 yearsCheck Price

Before we proceed to review some of the best garbage disposals for home use, you should spend a little bit of your time to familiarize yourself with these home appliances. It is an electrically controlled device, which grinds up all food scraps and leftovers from your kitchen. The unit remains well-hidden under your kitchen sink and is connected with your sink’s drainage system.

Many terms are used for this device, such as a garbage disposal unit, waste disposer, and a garburator. After grinding all the food waste into tiny bits and particles, you can disperse it into your home’s septic tank or sewerage system easily, and there will be no clogging hassles at all.

Whether you’re new to this useful device or want to replace your existing unit, we will evaluate all the options and examine all variables so that you can get the best one. 

Best Rated Garbage Disposal For Home Use

Below you will find all the along with detailed reviews of the best-rated garbage disposals for home use that will aid you in your purchase.

Best Rated Garbage Disposal For Home Use

Waste King 2000-1 1 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer

Product Features

  • The disposer features high speed 1 HP motor that rotates at a higher RPM of up to 1725, and this Waste King Garbage Disposal works with dual voltage.
  • The waste disposer features a heavy-duty stainless steel grinding chamber that is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • The waste disposal unit includes three stainless steel undercutter blades fixed under the grind ring snips and grinds all types of food scraps into tiny bits and particles quickly.
  • For enhanced sound insulation, the unit comes with a Hush Cushion that isolates it from metal to metal contact and significantly decreases noise levels.
  • The device has two anti-jam swivel impellers that rotate perfectly and deliver jam less performance.

Our first pick comes from a brand that you can blindly trust and needs no introduction, the Waste King. This Commercial grade food waste disposer by Waste King is ideal for large families. This industry-grade garbage disposal can comfortably accommodate a large number of food residues in no time.

So, if you have a large family or looking for something that delivers high performance and exceptional power, this is your safest bet. Plus you can also use it in a cafe or restaurant.

This Waste King garbage includes a 1 HP motor that’s capable of grinding rigid varieties of food waste quickly and efficiently. To some extent, this unit can also crush steak bones with ease. Thanks to the two jam-resistant, stainless steel heavy-duty swivel impellers that eliminates the risks of clogs.

If somehow the impellers get jam due to any reason, it will retract and protect the motor overloading. In this way, the unit saves you some money and preserve its components in the case of an accident.

Apart from it, this Waste King Garbage disposal comes equipped with two ripper bars. You will find these bars under the grinding ring along with an undercutter blade. When combined, these rippers offer significant tearing and ripping power and shreds all the food waste into tiny bits and particles that is simple to process and wash.

Moreover, the unit is also perfect for commercial uses as well as for common household food items as it can effortlessly handle a large number of residues without getting overloaded. If you are thinking about this powerful model’s noise level, don’t worry at all.

To alleviate the noise and sound, this garbage disposal includes a “Hush Cushion” that insulates the garbage disposal and prevents the metal pieces from contacting each other. This eliminates both vibration and annoying noises and clanking sounds that arise when it is in working condition. Hence, you can comfortably use this waste disposal, and it will not disturb you and your family at all.


  • High-power and highly durable motor of 1 HP.
  • It comes with dual Ripper Bars and an undercutter blade.
  • Hush Cushion insulates the unit well and eliminates the noise level.
  • Impellers retract and prevent the unit from overloading in the case of a jam.
  • Perfect garbage disposal for home uses.


  • Expensive
  • The design is a bit bulky.


General Electric GFC320N Continuous-Feed Disposal, Large capacity, 1/3 horsepower

Product Features

  • The unit comes with a powerful 1/3 HP Motor that quickly hits maximum speed, and with high torque, it grinds all the food waste without getting jammed.
  • This General Electric continuous feed garbage disposal includes angled fins to pump down the water forcefully and clear drainage system, and eliminates all the clogs.
  • The unit features a 3-bolt mount adapter kit to make the installation a breeze.
  • It works on 2300 RPM and delivers a fast, fine grind of all types of food particles.
  • The unit has rust-resistant Galvanized Steel Grinding Blades.
  • 27-Ounce Grind Chamber offers more than enough capacity for normal size families and homes.

With a simple and attractive design, a noiseless performance, and powerful grinding, this General Electric GFC320N Continuous Feed Disposal is a perfect addition to any home or kitchen.

The unit is expertly designed for large volume food scraps, and it comes with a potent 1/3 HP that operates on 2,300 RPM. This highly durable permanent magnet motor provides ultra-quick food grinding and eliminates food waste into tiny particles. This also makes it suitable for all standard sized septic systems.

The unit’s parts and components come with a 2-level pre-cutter, a rolled carbon-steel armature, heavy-duty stainless steel sink flange, steel turntable, and stainless steel dual-swivel impeller blades that are jam-resistant as well. All these parts work together and offer a smooth running performance.

Even though the unit is immensely powerful, its innovative insulation delivers quiet working. Its unique design features an EZ mount installation, and you will also get on/off wall-switch with a sink stopper, a direct-wired connection, a reset overload protector, and a removable splash guard.

As the unit features a slim and compact design, so you can comfortably place it under your kitchen sink. Lastly, this waste disposer is also compatible with a dishwasher, and you can also connect it to the drain connector.


  • The unit includes stainless steel jam-resistant, dual-swivel impellers for the finest grinding of scraps.
  • Stainless steel components and parts are rust-resistant and durable.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • The unit is ideal to use with standard septic tanks.
  • One-year limited warranty on the purchase.


  • Few users complained about vibrations.


HISSUN Garbage Disposal,3/4 HP Food Waste Disposer with Power Cord

Product Features:

  • This Hissun garbage disposer comes with a 39.4-inch power cord, so no need for any electrical expertise and no need to spend extra money on the installation.
  • It features a simple and user-friendly assembling mount system.
  • Includes innovative German motor technology that is effective against all types of food waste.
  • 10-year warranty on the purchase.
  • It has a 3-layer, fully sealed noise reduction and innovative anti-vibration design that assures quiet and dependable working.
  • This ¾ HP compact garbage disposal works on 3800r/min, and it can efficiently crush vegetable peels, cooked meat or fish, fruit pits & small bones.
  • This garbage disposal is suitable for medium-sized families.

Looking for quiet garbage disposal for home uses?

Any type of noise in your home or kitchen can be quite disturbing, especially when you are trying out new recipes. If you want to grind your kitchen waste in a quite unit, this Hissun Garbage Disposal is the best. Let’s dive in and see what it offers!

What first caught our attention was its shiny black and metallic gray body. This color combination will match the aesthetics of almost all kitchens. Next, the pack includes a 39.4-inch power cord, and this Hissun garbage disposal is user-friendly with its installation. You can easily install the unit by yourself without any special expertise.

The unit has an immensely powerful motor of ¾ HP, and it possesses reliable grinding properties at a higher RPM of 3800. This waste disposer is useful against all types of food scraps. To be precise, you can throw smaller bones, fruits, vegetables, and other residues in the unit, and it will grind all these into tiny bits and particles so there will be no sewer obstruction.

Besides, its 750-watt high-speed continuous supply German motor technology is also an interesting feature. Despite its powerful engine, the unit still delivers quiet and improved performance. This nine-level engine also possesses an anti-leakage and efficient grinding system.

All things considered, this Hissun is one of the best-rated garbage disposals for home use. The unit remains noise-free when working; hence, it will not distract you when working in your kitchen.


  • It features 9-Level Grinding System.
  • The unit includes high-speed continuous supply German motor technology for better grinding.
  • Long-lasting steel blade-free manufacturing can handle all types of food scraps.
  • Noiseless working and compact space-saving design.
  • Affordable garbage disposal for home uses.


  • Not suitable for commercial purposes.


Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP

Product Features:

  • The disposal is light-weight and compact. This unit measures around 7-3/4 inches in diameter, 13-3/4 inches long, and weighs around 8.6 lbs.
  • The disposer includes a ¾ HP motor that delivers 2700 RPM. This permanent magnet motor comes well-insulated and offers jam-less performance.
  • The unit has a quick EZ Mount for under kitchen sink installation. It comes with a removable splashguard for easy maintenance.
  • 8-year Limited Warranty from makers on the purchase.
  • You will also get a power cord in the pack; hence no additional electrical work is needed.
  • The garbage disposer comes with heavy-duty stainless steel grind components.

Here comes another popular and reliable garbage disposal for home uses, the Waste King L-3200. This reliable garbage disposal is known for its robust build quality, high performance, and simple installation.

The unit possesses a ¾ horsepower motor and features heavy-duty stainless-steel grinders that will last for many years. Moreover, the unit features a continuous-feed design, so you can also add the waste in the unit even when it is working.

Furthermore, some other prominent features of this Waste King Garbage Disposal include a handy reset button, a splash guard, and high-quality sound insulation that eliminates all the unnecessary noises during operation.

According to the best-rated garbage disposal consumer reports, the unit is entirely soundproof, and the sturdy stainless steel blades can crush all kinds of food scraps without jamming.

Moreover, we did not find any trouble during the unit’s installation, thanks to its simple EZ Mount system. Further, it comes with all the necessary accessories and hardware. Lastly, for your peace of mind, the unit comes backed by a 10-year in-home mechanical warranty.


  • EZ Mount system makes installation a breeze.
  • 10-year mechanical warranty on the purchase.
  • Runs and operates quietly.
  • Suitable with septic tanks.


  • Not well-suited for large families.


InSinkErator PRO1100XL Pro Series 1.1 HP Food Waste Garbage Disposal with Evolution Series Technology

Product Features:

  • The unit possesses innovative Multi-Grind technology that allows you to crush all stubborn food waste.
  • The advanced Sound Seal makes this InSinkErator 40% quieter than the other disposers.
  • The disposal features a 40-ounce stainless steel grinding chamber and parts.
  • Includes sound-reducing Quiet sink baffle.
  • Auto-Reverse Grind System is useful.

Looking for a waste disposer that can handle a large amount of food waste? According to many consumers and experts, InSinkErator’s premium garbage disposal is worthy of your money.

This high-end garbage disposal comes with a 1.1-horsepower motor that operates on 1,725 RPM. To handle a large amount of waste and residues, the unit includes a heavy-duty 40-ounce stainless steel grinding chamber. Consumer Reports state that it can grind even the most stubborn food particles effectively. To be precise, the unit is well capable of grinding vegetable scraps, bones, peels, and other kitchen waste items.

This InSinkErator Pro features three grinding stages so that you can throw massive amounts of food residues in the unit at a time. Moreover, it includes an auto-reverse and jam sensor function to clear out all the stuck food items.

The innovative SoundSeal technology features a Quiet Collar Sink Baffle that reduces all the noises and vibrations, and various consumer reports acknowledge the same.

Lastly, the unit’s installation is pretty straightforward; however, you will have to separately buy a power cord. Many consumers also appreciate the company’s customer service, and on the purchase, you will get a reliable warranty of 12 years.


  • 12-year in-house warranty is handy.
  • Extremely quiet working.
  • Safe to use with septic systems.
  • This garbage disposal offers rapid and finest grinding of all food residues.
  • Stainless steel construction is long-lasting.


  • No Power cord included in the pack.



Garbage disposers not only minimize the food waste in your home, but the unit is beneficial in many ways. For instance, it helps keep the environment clean and healthy as you don’t have to use harmful plastic bags, and it also helps to segregate recycling and non-recycled waste stuff. The best-rated garbage disposals for home use also prevent bad odors around your kitchen and home.

Above, we have reviewed and tested the five best-rated garbage disposal for home purposes that you can consider for the betterment of your surroundings.

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