Best Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Best Heavy Duty Trash Bags

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Are you looking to buy best heavy duty trash bags? Check out our recommendations in this table and read the detailed reviews below.

ProductsThicknessMaterialCapacityLatest Price
Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags1.1mm thickPlastic13 GallonsCheck here
Trash Away Heavy Duty Recycling Bags0.9 mm thickPlastic13 GallonsCheck here
Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags0.9 mm thickPlastic13 GallonsCheck here
Heavy Duty Contractor Bags by Ultrasac3mm thickPlastic159 litersCheck here
Hefty Strong Lawn AND Leaf Trash Bags1.1mm thickPlastic39 GallonsCheck here

Whether you are clearing out your garden to make some space for new flower beds, picking up piles of leaves or all the debris from your lawn, or sorting out any other contents, you’ll likely need a suitable way to dispose of all these bulky waste items. Rather than using a whole roll of small trash bags or, kitchen-sized trash bag, it’s handy to use large-sized, heavy-duty trash bags for all of the waste items that make your yard unpleasant one.

Furthermore, you can use these best heavy-duty trash to dispose of almost all types of waste, from household stuff to outdoor waste, for bulky items and furniture items as well. The trash bags that we usually use to dispose of the kitchen waste can hold up to 12-16 gallons. However, you need a much larger and durable trash bag to clean up outdoor home improvement or contracting projects.

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When buying the best heavy-duty jumbo trash bags, it’s vital to ensure that the material is stretchy and resistant to punctures, especially when you intend to use it for heavy or outdoor uses.

Similarly, if you are a professional contractor and your project includes handling bulky and damp materials or using the trash bags for disposing of commercial waste, a heavy-duty bag made up of leak-resistant materials will keep all the clutter and mess safe and contained.

Having said that, whether you’re a common user who just wants to dump garden waste or a professional contractor wish to use these bags for heavy uses, below, you will find some of the best heavy-duty trash bags that will help you till the completion of your “cleanup” project.

Best Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Best Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags

Product Features:

  • The bag can handle daily household waste, and it has an impressive capacity of 13 gallons.
  • This bag features a 3-in-1 Odor Shield that traps and neutralizes strong odors and helps eliminate all the bad smells around your home and kitchen.
  • It also helps prevent rips, tears, and leaks as it comes with Leak Guard and Glad’s unique diamond design that makes it flexible.
  • Glad ForceFlex trash bags is a versatile plastic bag that can tackle all household or office chores.

Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Heavy-Duty Trash Bags features at the top spot on this list due to its unique and non-tear design. Besides, it also has many other useful features that make it one of the best choices. The first thing that you will notice in this trash bag is its unique diamond pattern. Because of this unique design, you can stretch the bag in various directions without ripping or tearing. The users that are engaged in disposing of the heavy waste know how handy this feature is.

The drawstring closure is also handy and allows you to tie it up without any problem or getting your hands dirty. These trash bags also feature a smooth linen scent that keeps your kitchen stink-free during the process. This odor shield makes this kitchen trash bag an excellent option if you have a newly born child at home as it will block all the harsh odors that diaper contains.

Moreover, these trash bags are tall and have a capacity of 13-gallons. The capacity is perfect for all household waste and also for commercial uses. Overall, we highly recommend this product that will make the process easy and more convenient for you.


  • Affordable trash bags available in a box of 100 units.
  • It features a unique diamond force flex pattern that is resistant to rips and tears.
  • Fresh linen scent
  • Prevents your kitchen from strong odors.
  • Includes recyclable materials that are highly flexible and durable.


Some user complains of strong odors.

Trash Away Heavy Duty Clear Recycling Bags

Product Features:

  • Even when you fill these blue recycling trash bags to the brim – these will not rip or tear, and you can easily carry them here and there, thanks to the high-density plastic.
  • These heavy-duty trash bags are leak and puncture-proof, so it doesn’t matter how much waste you are carrying in them; the plastic trash bags hold steady and won’t leak any trash or gunk into your trash bin.
  • You can tie these heavy-duty recycling bags in no time; they won’t break.
  • These blue trash bags are versatile, and you can use them for various purposes, such as for recycling, parties, disposing of garden waste or old clothes or toys, etc.

Our next pick comes from Trash Away. These extra-large kitchen trash bags feature an impressive carrying capacity of 13 gallons. Further, the bags are tall and large and measure around 2 FT x 2 FT 5 IN x 0.90. With these at your disposal, cleaning missions are now efficient and quick than ever before!

Moreover, as these are extra-large trash bags so you can also use them to store all the waste in your recycling until it’s time to put them out for disposal. These trash bags are also suitable to store bulky items, and your stuff will be free of dust and visible.

These bags are available in a pack of fifty 13-gallon clear garbage bags. These are heavy-duty and hold up all the waste well. Further, all these trash bags are puncture and leak-proof, and these are perfect for daily household uses.

You can use these heavy-duty garbage bags for kitchen waste, parties, recycling, and more. The makers claim that you can also use these recycling trash bags for commercial purposes, but the consumer reports state that these are not the wise choice for commercial-grade uses.


  • Versatile recycling bags that you can use for various other purposes.
  • Suitable for storing bulky and heavy items.
  • The flap closure is handy.
  • The bags are puncture and leak-proof.
  • Odor-less trash bags.


Not suitable for commercial purposes.

Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags

Product Features:

  • The pack contains 45 heavy-duty kitchen garbage bags.
  • Each trash bag can hold up to 13 gallons.
  • The thickness of each unit is 0.9mm.
  • It features a red drawstring for easy closure and secure carrying.
  • Transparent trash bags so you can see what’s inside.
  • Clean, fresh scent.

Solimo Tall Kitchen Trash Bags are our top pick when it comes to budget-friendly garbage bags. The pack contains 45 13-gallon garbage bags that are suitable for almost all standard kitchen garbage cans. The trash bags are transparent, and you can see what is inside. Further, they feature a red drawstring for smooth closure and securing carrying.

Each trash bag features an impressive weight capacity of up to 13-gallons that makes them ideal for most kitchen bins. Each bag is 0.9mm thick, so you can use it to carry sharp and bulky items.

These trash bags have a fresh and pleasant smell, which makes them a perfect pick for your kitchen trash bins. So, you will not witness any lingering trash odors wafting around your kitchen or house. Further, these will also keep your trash bin smelling pleasant in between the cleaning process. However, you can also get unscented 13-gallon bags from the same manufacturer.

Lastly, you can buy them with confidence as makes offer a money-back guarantee on the purchase.


  • Economical product; the pack contains 45 trash bags of 13-gallons.
  • Fit most standard kitchen trash bins.
  • It possesses a fresh and clean scent.
  • It includes drawstring closure for secure handling.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Leak-proof trash bags.


  • Not suitable for square trash bins.
  • Some complaints of harsh odors.

Heavy-Duty Contractor Bags by Ultrasac

Product Features:

  • These heavy-duty industrial contractor trash bags are highly durable and will stay puncture, leak, and tear no matter what you put in them.
  • These trash bags by Ultrasac are quite affordable. To be precise, these will cost you only 50 cents per bag.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Bags come neatly pack and dispense one at a time, so no trash bag is wasted.
  • These contractor trash bags feature 90% percent recycled material.
  • The trash is thick, flexible and resistant to leakages.

Looking for the best heavy-duty garbage bags to dump all your lawn and garden waste? Then, have a look at these Heavy Duty Contractor Bags by Ultrasac. The pack contains fifty 42-gallon bags that can efficiently handle your toughest waste items and jobs.

These trash bags by Ultrasac are resistant to punctures and tears, so your mission clean-up will remain free of frustrations. The industrial-grade trash bags feature flap closures, and you can comfortably dispense one bag at a time from the box one. That ensures that not a single bag goes wasted during the process.

Moreover, these heavy-duty trash bags by Ultrasac are made from recycled material. So, these are the perfect choice for those who prefer using eco-friendly products. Each trash bag has a thickness of 3mm, which means you can comfortably put sharp and unwieldy debris in the bag.

Lastly, these trash bags are versatile, and you can use them for various purposes and store bulky items.


  • Flap closure ensures a secure and smooth grip.
  • The bags are made up of 90% recycled materials.
  • Each trash bag is 3mm thick.
  • The bags are resistant to punctures and tear.
  • Suitable for commercial uses.


Few users complain of the strong odor.

Hefty Strong Lawn AND Leaf Trash Bags,

Product Features:

  • The pack includes 38 Hefty Strong large, black, unscented trash bags.
  • Each bag has a holding capacity of up to 39-gallons.
  • The bags feature Hefty signature quality trash bags, which are extra-thick up to 1.1-millimeter and made from a durable plastic material.
  • These trash bags are durable, large, and you can use them to carry sharp twigs and sticks.
  • The bags are also suitable for grass clippings, twigs, and sticks along with other waste and garbage.
  • Carry and transport heavy loads with ease with these heavy-duty plastic garbage bags.

Clearing up your lawn, garden, or backyard can be a challenging and time-consuming job, but you can make the task less time consuming and simple by using these heavy-duty drawstring trash bags from Hefty.

The pack includes 38 trash bags that are well-suited for small, medium, and large-sized garden cleaning tasks. Hefty’s durable trash bags can hold almost all types of waste, such as twigs, leaves, lawn clippings, and so much more.

Each trash bag offers 39 gallons of space, which is more than enough for home uses. Furthermore, each trash bag is robust and made from a 1.1-millimeter thick plastic material. As a result, these trash bags are less likely to break, rip, or tear as compared to the standard kitchen garbage bags.

For smooth and secure closure, these trash bags come with a long drawstring. The sufficient length makes it simple to tie up these bags and allows you to carry and transport them from any location securely.

However, there are a few points that you must know before buying these heavy-duty trash bags by Hefty. Few users complained that they felt a strange smell upon opening the pack, and some stated that these trash bags are much thinner than the others.

Lastly, despite of these minor drawbacks, you can comfortably use them for everyday chores and to dump up moderate garden waste. These might not be the best trash bags for commercial uses but suitable for residential and home purposes.  


  • You can put twigs, clippings, and other garden waste in these trash bags comfortably.
  • The thickness might not be better than regular bags, but it is appropriate and reliable.
  • The holding capacity and size of these bags are much larger than the others.
  • These trash bags are effortless to close and tie as they include a robust drawstring.
  • The most affordable heavy-duty trash bags on the market.
  • The long drawstring allows you to tie them quickly and carry the bags securely.


  • Not entirely leak-proof.
  • Not suitable for commercial uses.


Using a heavy-duty garbage bag is the best way to dispose of your organic waste and garbage because, by doing so, you don’t affect the environment.

For your convenience, we’ve done all the dirty, strenuous, stinky work of testing the trash bags so that you can get the right one. It isn’t beautiful, but we find it a fun task.

We hope that you can compare and identify the best heavy-duty trash bag according to your exact needs after reading this post. Lastly, please, don’t use trash bags to store food as they are not made for this purpose.

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