Best Garbage Bags For The Environment

Best Garbage Bags For The Environment

We keep our home space clean and tidy to provide a healthy environment for our families to live and grow in. However, during the process, we often end up doing more harm than good. And this mostly happens when we use plastic garbage bags to dispose of household waste items.

ProductsthicknessDimensionsCapacityLatest Price
simplehuman Code H Custom Fit Trash Bags0.9 mm thick0.02 x 47 x 71 inches30 litersCheck here
Hippo Sak Plant-Based Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags0.8mm thick6 x 5 x 5 inches13 GallonsCheck here
Evolution Trash Bags: Tall Kitchen Trash Bag0.9 mm thick9 x 7.3 x 4.3 inches13 GallonsCheck here
AYOTEE Small Trash Bags 4-6 Gallon Biodegradable Garbage Bags1.1 mil thick21.6”*18.5 inches4 to 6 GallonsCheck here
Second Nature Compostable Trash Bags0.8mil thick5.7 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches7 GallonsCheck here
BioBag – The Original Compostable Bag – Kitchen Garbage Bag0.64mil thick16.9 x 17.7 inches3 GallonsCheck here

This is because most trash bags include plastic material, which is not suitable for the environment, neither it is eco-friendly. Now, this brings us to these obvious questions:

What are the best garbage bags for the environment? Or Do eco-friendly garbage bags really exist? 

The answer to these questions is not a straightforward one. But one thing is for sure eco-friendly or bio-gradable garbage bags are an excellent and healthy alternative to the standard plastic trash bags.

However, the most suitable and safer way to keep the surrounding healthy is to produce the least waste. And the second way is to avoid plastic garbage bags. Both these can reduce the burden and adverse effects on the environment.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best garbage bags for the environment and try them to provide healthy surroundings for our loved ones.

Best Garbage Bags For The Environment

Best Garbage Bags For The Environment

simplehuman Code H Custom Fit Trash Bags,

Product Features

  • Simplehuman liners are tailored made for simplehuman trash cans so they will not slip, and you will not see any bag when the lid is closed. Also suitable to use with other standard trash cans.
  • The bags are made from extra-durable plastic and feature double seams that prevent rips and tears.
  • The bag includes drawstring handles for secure and easy carrying and closure.
  • If you are using a Simplehuman trash bin, then you cannot afford to overlook this drawstring Code H custom fit trash bag by Simplehuman. However, you can also use these trash bags with other standard trash bins. 

When you purchase this custom made drawstring trash bags by Simplehuman, you can rest assured that it has all the features of a durable and environmentally friendly trash bag. Firstly, these are tailored made and offer a perfect fit for your trash bin. There are multiple sizes to choose from; hence you can pick the one that suits your family’s needs.

When you use it for the first time, you will be impressed by this trash bag’s quality. The bag includes thick double seams that make it leak-proof, whereas the thick and heavy-duty plastic decreases the chances of tearing.

When the trash bag gets full, and you want to remove it, just tie the drawstring handles, remove the bag, and simply put the new one in the bin. When it’s about convenience, you can’t get better than a drawstring trash bag by Simplehuman.


  • The bags are simple to tie, carry, and handle
  • Plenty of sizes available to meet your needs.
  • These bags are made from high-quality thick plastic that will not tear easily.


Expensive unit rate

Hippo Sak Plant-Based Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

Product Features

  • USDA Certified Product. All bags are made from Plant-Based materials; no fossil fuel is used in manufacturing.
  • All Hippo Sak kitchen trash bags include renewable resources and decrease carbon footprint.
  • The more sustainable and best alternative to recycled or virgin plastic trash bags.
  • Much more resistant than other leading brands – puncture and leak proof.
  • Made in the USA and 100% Recyclable.

As the name states, these Hippo Sak Plant-based kitchen garbage bags are made from all plant-based materials instead of other materials such as fossil fuel. These bags are all biodegradable and the best garbage bags for the environment.

Furthermore, the bags have handles so you can easily load them with your kitchen or household trash and throw wherever you want. Moreover, these garbage bags by Hippo Pak feature Sugar cane (80%), which is a USDA Certified and Bio-based Product. So, you can rest assured that these are safe bags for the environment.

As the material is totally renewable and biodegradable, it is healthy for the surroundings and decreases your carbon footprint. Like other plastic garbage bags on the market, these garbage bags are entirely leak-proof, so your waste will not come out of it even if it is in a liquid form.

Each pack contains 45 tall-sized garbage bags. And each bag features a reinforced bottom that ensures that it can hold all the weight of your waste. Each Hippo trash bag measures around 15.5 x 8.5 x 29 inches, and you can put up to 1.02 MIL inside the bag.

Lastly, all trash bags are odor-free and do not contain fossil fuel or other petroleum products that are not safe for the environment.


  • The best garbage bags for the environment.
  • All garbage bags are safe for your skin and hands.
  • The bags are leak and puncture-proof.
  • These bags help to reduce carbon footprints.


Some complaints of strong odors.

Evolution Trash Bags: Tall Kitchen Trash Bag

Product Features

  • White trash bags with a capacity of 13 gallons.
  • The bags are super stretchy, and you will get 120 trash bags in 2 rolls of 60 bags each.
  • EPA Compliant, UL ECOLOGO Certified, Meets USGBC LEED program
  • The trash bags exceed EPA Procurement Guidelines.
  • All Evolution trash bags feature certified post-consumer recycled LLDPE. 
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Our next product, the Evolution trash bags, are the most affordable biodegradable trash bags on the market that you can get. One pack of the bag contains 120 trash bags in two rolls of sixty pieces.

All Evolution trash bags are made of 70% Certified PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials; hence, they are totally safe for our health and the environment. Furthermore, the eco-friendly garbage bags are UL ECOLOGO certified as well as EPA-compliant. As these garbage bags are super flexible so you can use them to put kitchen waste without any fear that these will break or rip.

These garbage bags are intelligently designed and feature a unique manufacturing process. The process is called a closed-loop recycling process. This manufacturing process is safe for the planet and also makes these highly durable. Besides other materials, the bags also include PCR paper, which is fragrance-free, and you will not feel strong or harsh odors coming from the pack into your landfills.

Lastly, the product is cleared, tested, and certified by many 3rd party authorities, so you can rest assured that it is earth-friendly. And these are your safest choice if you’re looking for something healthy for the planet.


  • The decent capacity of 13 Gallons.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Super stretchy and flexible trash bags.
  • Leak and puncture-proof.
  • EPA Compliant, UL ECOLOGO certified


No handle ties in these bags.

AYOTEE Small Trash Bags 4-6 Gallon Biodegradable Garbage Bags

Product Features

  • These small trash bags by Ayotee feature Plastarch material (PSM) and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) with the U.S. standard ASTM D6400.
  • The garbage bags have excellent leakage resistance and are highly durable, so you can comfortably use them as compostable in your home composting facilities.
  • The unique box design allows you to grab one trash bag from the box at a time and also makes storing easy. These clean and refine garbage bags are perfect for any kitchen, office, baby diapers, cars, cleaning pets’ litter, and trash recycling.
  • The garbage bags have dimensions of 21.6”*18.5”, so these are larger than standard trash bags and carry more waste as they feature an octagonal design at the bottom.
  • These Ayotee small garbage bags are odorless, non-toxic, and pure.
  • The maximum weight limit of these garbage bags is 11 Lbs. or 5Kg.

Perfect for home and kitchen, these Ayotee garbage bags can be used as a liner for the bins, or you can also use them as your normal trash bag. All these Ayotee trash bags include natural renewable plant starch, so these are compostable trash bags and entirely safe for the environment. These garbage bags are versatile, and you can safely use these for your kitchen waste, garden waste, or indoors at your workplace.

Each Ayotee garbage bag measures around 18 x 19.7 inches and features a round shape from the bottom, making it well-suited for most trash cans. Each garbage bag has an impressive weight capacity of 6 gallons.

Moreover, these are quite economical as well, and one pack contains 100 pieces of trash bags. Lastly, the makers donate 10% of their earnings to the environment and sustainability causes. These eco-friendly garbage bags are leak-proof and manufactured without using any harsh chemicals, so you will not feel any foul odor in them.


  • The garbage bags are versatile and suitable for many uses.
  • Made from recycled materials only.
  • Capacity is impressive.
  • Leak and puncture-proof.
  • Non-toxic and odor-less bags.


Not suitable for commercial uses.

Second Nature Compostable Trash Bags

Product Features

  • 7-gallon capacity is more than enough for most users, and each bag measures around 20 inches wide x 22 inches tall.
  • The bags are 100% compostable for composting and certified from “Ok Home Compost” and BPI and ASTM 6400 qualifications.
  • These Second Nature garbage bags feature renewable BIO-BASED materials such as sugar cane, plant starches, and vegetable oils.
  • These bags are multi-purpose and perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, yard, office, baby’s diaper pail, and other purposes.

The Second Nature Bags are 100% compostable and biodegradable garbage bags that you can use for various purposes, such as kitchen trash or food Scrap. These garbage bags are certified in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia and meet various composting standards such as STM D6400, EN 13432, AS 4736, AND AS 5810, ASTM 6400.

Moreover, the Second Nature garbage bags are entirely safe for garden composting. These garbage bags are the sturdiest in the market and withstand all types of garbage and food waste. Further, the packs include only renewable bio-based materials such as sugar cane, plant starch, and vegetable oils, so these are highly flexible and durable.

These garbage bags are healthy for the environment and decompose more quickly than standard plastic garbage bags. Further, you can also use these for cat and dog poop.

Each Second Nature bag contains 50 pieces. It is available in various capacities. So, you can choose the one according to your exact needs.

Lastly, there are no harmful chemicals used in manufacturing these bags, and you will not find any colors added to these bags. The garbage bags are translucent.


  • Completely safe for the environment.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • A nice and handy box ensures not a single bag goes wasted.
  • Free from toxic chemicals and false odors.


Not suitable for wet and damp waste items.

BioBag – The Original Compostable Bag – Kitchen Garbage Bag

Product Features

  • The pack has 12 boxes of 25-count food scrap bags (300 total)
  • Each bag measures around 16.9 inches x 17.7 inches and features a weight holding limit of 0.64 mils.
  • The product is certified by The Biodegradable Products Institute and exceeds ASTM D6400 Standards.
  • These 3-gallon garbage bags are home compostable, and you can use them for your backyard compost system.
  • BioBags include the starches of plants, vegetable oils, and fully compostable polymers; hence these are healthy for the environment.
  • BioBag food waste garbage bags will fit most kitchen countertops and keeps your trash bins clean.

Our last pick, the BioBag, is among the leading bag manufacturer of garbage bags. These eco-friendly garbage bags are suitable for the collection of food scraps and other waste items. Biobags trash bags are different from other compostable trash bags as you can decompose them with other organic waste in your composting facilities.

All these garbage bags are only made from renewable crop starches, so you can dig them in your lawn, garden, or backyard, and microorganisms will consume them quite easily.

These trash bags by Bio bag are an excellent alternative to standard plastic and polyethylene zipper bags. Further, you can also use these as dog poop pick-up bags to make the cleaning process easy and straightforward.

These bags are suitable for yard waste as these bags are made from renewable crops, unlike others, which include trees or petroleum materials. That is why these garbage bags can efficiently survive wet waste and hot conditions.

Lastly, you can get them at an affordable price from anywhere. Now, you have no reason to use traditional plastic garbage bags to dispose of your waste. So, think about the environment and use these compostable and biodegradable garbage bags and keep the environment healthy.

To sum it up

It’s tough to find a way to reduce plastic’s adverse effects, especially when most people use traditional plastic garbage bags to dispose of all of our waste items. However, you can now use biodegradable and eco-friendly trash bags to fix this common issue.

Throwing away the waste efficiently is responsible behavior, but using plastic garbage bags for this purpose can be terrible for the environment. Luckily, all the bags mentioned above are the best garbage bags for the environment and the perfect alternative to traditional trash bags. These garbage bags will make the surroundings healthy and clean for all living beings.

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