Rory Best, one of the best-capped players in Irish history and the only captain to lead Ireland to victory over Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, has fronted an Tourism Ireland video that highlights Northern Ireland. “Little Stories: Giant Spirit’ is designed to provide viewers from GB an overview of the breathtaking scenery as well as the incredible characters which create Northern Ireland such a great place to visit.

Ardglass Golf Club

One of the most breathtaking golfing experiences in Northern Ireland can be found at Ardglass the 18-hole links course. It is located on the coastline and offers stunning views over to the Irish Sea on all 18 holes.

A truly challenging test for every golfer Ardglass is a difficult course which combines class and seriousness, offering an unforgettable experience that makes the course impossible to dislike. It’s the reason it’s the preferred destination of foreign and local golfers.

Start with five the most breathtaking clifftop holes, played through a rough coastline, and the wind constantly blowing into your face. This is a challenging course that many other links courses will struggle to match.

The nine holes stretch on the edge of mountains and give you even more stunning views. The holes are considered to be the top golf course in Ardglass which is a top golfing experience.


Rory Best leads us through one of his most favorite spots in Northern Ireland. This video illustrates the way Northern Ireland has many stories to tell and an enormous spirit. It’s also an amazing place.

Finnebrogue has become synonymous with excellent food. It is now one of Britain’s most well-known premium sausage producers. It was initially producing excellent venison. the company has since increased its offerings to other meat-based products and even vegetarian/vegan alternatives.

Its Naked Bacon, the first mass-produced rasher that is free of Nitrites, which have been proven to be carcinogenic, is an enormous success.

Finnebrogue has a reputation for being a brand that is constantly looking for ways to enhance the quality of food. This drive to innovate is the reason that has seen Finnebrogue get numerous awards as well as recognition across the country. They have also revolutionized bacon market with its nitrite-free product and plans to broaden its offerings in the years to come.

Trails and Ales Tour

A former rugby star and YouTube sensation Rory Best has fronted Tourism Ireland Video to Promote Northern Ireland to show off the “beautiful scenery” of Northern Ireland. He is highlighting some of the most famous attractions of Northern Ireland in the PS4 million-dollar campaign.

Fodder Café in Finnebrogue Woods and Ardglass Golf Club were his stops. Castlewellan Forest Park was his destination for part in the Trails and Ales Tour, which is designed to provide an enjoyable day for fans and bikers. It was an adventure of riding an electric bike while enjoying some of the best drinks in the Mourne Mountains.

Trails and ale tours mix moderate hiking along with the pleasure of a beer at local breweries. The registration fee covers a Trails and Ales T-shirt or other merchandise, a drink token to The Jekyll Brewery Post-Trail Social and various other benefits. Tours are also offered in the form of a beautifully designed app and a the passport in paper for $5. Participants must be at least 21 years old to partake in the tour and should wear a properly secured helmet.


Fodder is a term used to describe the describes the type of food available to livestock, such as cattle frequently used. It is, however, applied to items or individuals which are beneficial for something.

Former Ulster and Ireland rugby captain Rory Best has teamed up with Tourism Ireland to promote Northern Ireland as an attractive destination for British travelers. Rory Best has made a short video that is titled Little Stories, Giant Spirit in which he shares his favorite places that he has visited in Northern Ireland and gives viewers an insight into the gorgeous nature they’ll be able to see when they visit the region.

Rory Best says: “Northern Ireland is full of tiny tales and an enormous spirit. It’s possible to explore a wide range of locations, like Belfast, Derry Londonderry, Giant’s Causeway, and the numerous other stunning spots scattered throughout this amazing part. In addition, there are many amazing characters to make it more stunning as it is already.

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