In recognition of National Police Week, Ohio’s highest law enforcement officials encourage the general citizens to pay tribute to and acknowledge local police officers.

In the afternoon on Tuesday Attorney General Dave Yost visited several law police training facilities to pay tribute.

The Stark State College’s police academy was awarded a special distinction from Yost to be a STAR training center. This is a designation that sets the bar for excellence at the basic academy that is endorsed by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

Stark State College

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost recently recognized the college’s Law Enforcement Academy as one of the top programs in Ohio. The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission has created this award and recognizes those programs that do more than just to provide their students with the most effective training and are equipped with the skills to be successful within their respective fields.

Stark State has a close relation with Ohio’s four year public institutions and universities. The result is that several associate degrees obtained from Stark State can be transferred to any Ohio four-year school. In the event that you want to get a bachelor’s qualification from their own country it is an excellent advantage.

A degree of associate of arts (AA) at Stark State College is transferable to Miami University for a Bachelor’s in English Studies. The degree they earn will depend on what they’ve accomplished at Stark State College, this will result in the possibility of 124 credits which can count toward an Bachelor of Arts degree.

Central Ohio Technical College

The cost-sharing relationship with Central Ohio Technical College and Ohio State Newark has been established since the year 1971. They collaborate on facilities and faculty and this results in less expensive education experience for students.

In the past Attorney General Yost gave COTC its STAR Academy Award in recognition of the basic police officer training course. The award is presented to institutions that have gone above and beyond basic guidelines for training in order to ensure that police officers are prepared for the job they will be assigned.

Yost said he’s proud of the accomplishments of the police academy of COTC as they work to ensure our communities remain safe and secure.

Each one of these officers has shown exceptional public service throughout their career. Chief Fowler’s commitment to mentoring the at-risk kids in his community, coach Indian Creek Chiefs football and act as a board member for a center for advocacy for children are what make him stand out as an outstanding leader in his area.

Kent State University Police Academy

Kent State University and the College of Applied and Technical Studies of Kent State University are two of four regional partners to create “OPOTA close to home” a partnership that expands Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy’s (OPOTA), training opportunities for Ohio police officers.

Under the direction of Police Officer II or Police Sergeant, they patrol the grounds and buildings on foot or in vehicle; protects the property and lives of those who live there; discovers the dangers to safety and report them; prevents and investigates crimes as well as enforces state law and University and departmental rules and regulations. They also respond to calls for help or assistance from persons living on University property; resolves conflicts between persons or groups within campus community; carries firearms and apprehends those who violate the law, then transports prisoners to the police station, court, or jail, registers and books prisoners; detains and locates treatment for hazardous or self-harming individuals; aids other law enforcement agencies , in compliance with the existing mutual aid agreements. Provides emergency first aid; files Affidavits, executes warrants and is present in court when necessary.

Alongside their OPOTA fundamental training, police cadets from KSU Trumbull have received training for better interaction with community members, specifically working with racial equality issues. Guy Burney is one of the trainers. Guy is a part of the Community Initiative for Reduction of Violence at Youngstown. Guy is the trainer who develops courses to assist cadets in understanding the social and economic conditions of the community so that they can better interact with the community.

Mercer County Sheriff’s Office

At a ceremony, Attorney General Yost honors Ohio’s Best Law Enforcement.

Attorney General Yost has honoured the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office as one of the Ohio police departments. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office received recognition for their efforts in preventing crime and providing safe environments for citizens to work and live in.

The office is located in Princeton and is the county seat of Mercer County. Hugh Mercer, a Revolutionary hero, was the first to establish this county.

Mercer County is located in northwestern part of the state, bordering with Iowa, Putnam and Sullivan counties. The county is also in close proximity to Grundy County and was previously included in Livingston County. It is known for its vast farmlands and has a large number of farms. Princeton is the town. Princeton, located in the middle of the county is a center of business. There are several fine manufacturing facilities in the town.

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