Transplant Rogan O’Handley, best known by his Instagram handle @dc_draino is an individual who posts “politics for patriots” on the platform of social media with . Millions of followers. Prior to moving to Tampa in the year 2000, O’Handley was an eminent Hollywood attorney with political persuasions that often clashed with those of the local elite. O’Handley was instantly struck by the vibrant vibe of Tampa stunning weather and crystal clear water when his friend invited him to a Tampa wedding. The contrast was stark with Los Angeles.

This Fox News Digital reporter conducted an exploration this month of Tampa, Florida, in an attempt to understand the motivations behind why it has become one of the most searched for places to live to work, live and flourish in America. O’Handley has shared his top 5 places and stated that the city has a fantastic lifestyle with beautiful weather and low traffic. He believes this makes Tampa the most desirable location within America. After packing up his possessions and relocated to California, O’Handley is just one of the many that are moving to this area.

Rophy Corner is situated on the city’s Harbour Island and offers stunning views of the city’s skyline. It also offers numerous waterfront-related activities. O’Handley remarked, “It’s so close to the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, it smells like gunpowder,” and that “This is one of the most beautiful places to live in America to live!” American Social, a mere one-third of a mile of the Tampa Convention Center, provides an easy way to access Pirate Taxi ferry services, paddleboard rentals, as well as the Bay Rocket water-based thrill ride. O’Handley stated that there’s every weekend something going on. Furthermore, Armature Works, a sprawling warehouse, adds to the entertainment options in the region.

Armature Works is located along the breathtaking Tampa Hillsborough River and has been the most popular destination for social gatherings. The establishment offers an array of diverse drinks, cuisines along with lively entertainment and activities suitable for families, Armature Works promises a delightful experience to all who come to. O’Handley has said, “Reserve a beverage and take a stroll down the banks of the river to view manatees.” Armature Works offers fun and recreation for people of all ages. It has many Adirondack chairs that offer views of the beautiful Tampa landscape. Busch Gardens can also be located nearby, should you be in search of more entertainment.

Busch Gardens, a popular theme park within Tampa, Florida offering half of the top ride rides as well as incredible safari animal attractions. It has been called by the Tampa newcomers as “a great family attraction and an incredible themed park.” The park is home to many species of exotic creatures, like black rhinos, alligators, giraffes and others — providing a thrilling adventure for adrenaline-hungry families alike. Recent reports show there is evidence that South Florida scientists are using GPS-equipped raccoons, possums and other species to hunt the invasive pythons. Hyde Park Village Tampa, which features many neighborhood villages centres, is also awash of excitement.

Rogan O’Handley is a famous Instagrammer, states that Tampa isn’t a “main downtown”, rather one should “pick one of the pockets in Tampa and then spend the entire time there, either during the day or at night”. O’Handley is a fan of Hyde Park Village because of its high-end shopping and wide range of eateries. The dining experience at Forbici Modern Italian is very well-known and patrons love the atmosphere. In the end, Hyde Park is one of the areas that is most popular in Tampa.

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To conclude, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has earned a reputable reputation for being a kid-friendly place and is a real testament to the natural and rich culture diversity that Florida has to offer. Florida offers. The park’s many attractions offer the perfect opportunity to be connected to nature, and also to discover more about the Florida wildlife. Hyde Park Village, a nearby shopping and entertainment center, further adds to the energy of Tampa, providing many essential services and amenities that the citizens of Tampa will surely appreciate.

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