The interaction between leisure and work is a key component of efficient functioning. This is related to six mental desires: Relaxation, Distachment and Mastery. Connection, Meaning and (DRAMMA).

The prevailing working culture, due to its hours of work that are too long and sedentary lifestyle, has created misconceptions about the worth of time off. According to research, people who think that leisure is a waste are less happy.

1. Relaxation

Relaxation methods are exercises designed to lower stress and boost coping skills. These techniques can be used in order to minimize the effect of several diseases, such as anxiety , high blood pressure and other.

It is possible to learn relaxation methods by consulting with health professionals or try it on your own. These techniques help to refocus your attention and help improve awareness of the body, which can lower physical signs of stress.

2. Socialization

Socialization can be achieved through many sources, including relatives and friends. This is essential for mastering social skills, understanding social standards, and for determining what’s important in a culture.

Sociologists describe socialization as something that is complex and involves three key parts including context, contents and result. As an example, the way parents give chores to their children or teach their children how to communicate with police is a form of socialization.

Adults are also social during their the workplace, specifically when they enter a new job and must learn how to operate and the expectations for the workplace. For instance, they learn how to work with a computer and answering phones, and working with others.

3. Health

It helps you unwind, be more active and ease your stress. Make it a part of your work/life balanced.

It can also be a great instrument for self-expression and creative. In addition, it can aid in relaxation and socializing.

People often think that spending time in the leisure sphere isn’t productive or a waste. They’re often more depressed, and stressed than people who see leisure as a positive benefit to their overall health and well-being.

4. Growth

The way in that an organism evolves from birth or emergence to maturity , and in some species, beyond maturity to an eventual senescence phase, also known as death it is known as development. This involves the multiplication of cells and expansion as well as growth of the tissues.

There is a choice to make between working or leisure. It’s based on the type of work they want, how much money they have available, as well as many other factors. When the wage increases then the cost for leisure will increase, leading to a substitution effect toward greater work.

If income increases beyond the marginal value of leisuretime, the effect of income takes effect and employees shift to leisure activities instead of working. The result is a reverse-bending work supply curve.

5. Creativity

Creativity is a human characteristic that allows people and groups to thrive and adapt in new circumstances. This allows people to develop fresh ideas and new products that can benefit individuals.

The other goal of the study COVID-19 was to explore the relation between the two, namely leisure and creativity. The study found that activities that stimulate creativity like home craft as well as artisanship, niche or IT-related interests, reading, the writing process and languages as well as fine arts and engaging in performing and musical arts increased or even be considered new activities during COVID-19 than sports and outdoor pursuits.

6. Self-expression

Self-expression is an important aspect to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This allows individuals to be self-aware and enhances their happiness.

Additionally, it can make people feel more secure and confident of the person they are. This will have the positive effects on the way they work and their relations.

You have many options for expression, including using music, writing or dance. It could be good for your mental wellbeing, because expression of our feelings can help ease anxiety and tension.

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